Hybrid Stepper Motors

available in different NEMA sizes with laminated stators. Coils are wound around individual poles. A rotor with permanent magnet carries toothed pole caps. Hybrid steppers with step angles of 0.9 or 1.8 degrees offer high resolution and high torque. Combinations with gearboxes (Link zu “Hybrid Stepper Gear motor”) are possible.


Hybrid Stepper Motor

SeriesDimensions (mm)Rated Current (A)Step AngleWindingHolding Torque (cNm)DatasheetRequest
8HY20 x 20 x 28/34/400,2 bis 0,61,8°bipolar / unipolar1,4 / 1,6 / 1,8pdfAnfrage
11HY28 x 28 x 28/33/41/500,35 bis 0,61,8°bipolar / unipolar4,5 / 6 / 10pdfAnfrage
14HY35 x 35 x 28/340,46 bis 0,81,8°bipolar / unipolar9 bis 18pdfAnfrage
17HS42 x 42 x 28 bis 600,8 bis 2,31,8°bipolar / unipolar12 bis 52pdfAnfrage
23HS57 x 57 x 41 bis 1120,62 bis 4,21,8°bipolar / unipolar55 bis 255pdfAnfrage

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