BLDC Motors

(Brushless DC Motor) or EC Motor (Electronically Commutated Motor) for dynamic and smooth operation. Similar performance compared to brushed DC motors but extended lifetime because of no mechanical commutator system inside. BLDC motors need a special driver. Customization and models with integrated drivers (Plug & Drive) are possible. Please contact us for detailed information.

42BLF57BL 3-phase brushless DC motor (EC motor) especially designed for application requires smooth operation and extended life time. Three hall sensors are included in order to control position of the rotor.

BLDC Motors

Part NumberDimensions
Number of PolesPhasesRated VoltageRated speed
Rated Torque
Rated Current
Output Power
Peak Torque
Peak Current
42BLF0142 x 42 x 478324V4000631,9261805,7pdfRequest
42BLF0242 x 42 x 638324V40001253,45238010,2pdfAnfrage
42BLF0342 x 42 x 798324V40001885,77875018pdfAnfrage
57BL0157 x 42mm4324V2500571,2151803,6pdfAnfrage
57BL0257 x 47mm4324V30001102,3343806,8pdfAnfrage
57BL0357 x 57mm4324V30001653525809pdfAnfrage
57BL0457 x 72mm4324V30002204,46980013,2pdfAnfrage
57BL0557 x 106mm4324V30003306,6103120020pdfAnfrage
57BL0557 x 140mm4324V30004408,6138160026pdfAnfrage
57BLF0157 x 57 x 488324V300020046360012pdfAnfrage
57BLF0257 x 57 x 698324V30004007,8125120024pdfAnfrage
57BLF0357 x 57 x 908324V300060012188180036pdfAnfrage
57BLF0457 x 57 x 1118336V300080012,5250240045pdfAnfrage
86BLF0186 x 86 x 948348V3000140014440420038pdfAnfrage
86BLF0286 x 86 x 818348V300010509,6330320029pdfAnfrage
86BLF0386 x 86 x 678348V30007006,6220210020pdfAnfrage
86BLF0486 x 86 x 578348V30003503,9110105011pdfAnfrage
86BLF0686 x 86 x 1098348V3000180018550540046pdfAnfrage
86BLF0786 x 86 x 1248348V3000210022660630055pdfAnfrage
110BLF01110 x 110 x 14383310V300030005940900015pdfAnfrage

We can offer series 42BLF and 57BL with internal driver. Modification on request.

BLDC Brushless Motor Driver (Accessories)


BLDC_Brushless_Motor_Driver Please contact us for further information.