Auf-Vertrieb bietet Ihnen eine große Auswahl an leistungsstarken Motoren an. Sehen Sie sich in unseren Kategorien um und finden den für Sie passenden Motor. Dabei haben Sie die Wahl zwischen Synchronmotoren, Schrittmotoren, DC Motoren und BLDC Motoren.

Synchronous Motors

  • Different Sizes and Voltages
  • Uni-directional an bi-directional versions.
  • Speed 250, 375 and 500 rpm (@50 Hz)
  • Available with 2, 3, or 4 stators

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Stepper Motors

Stepper Motor
  • bipoalar and unipolar windings
  • step angles 7.5, 11.25, and 15 degrees
  • Used for precise positioning
  • Compact design

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Synchronous Gear Motors – Stepper Gear Motors

  • Many configuration / models possible with Saia synchronous & steppers motors combined with Saia gear box type UGD, UGM, UGB, UGF, UGP and UGO

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Linear Motors

Stepper Motor
  • bipoalar and unipolar windings
  • Stroke in a range of 10mm up to 150mm
  • Force up to max. 80N
  • New: incl. driver and control signal input

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Hybrid Stepper Motors

  • Different sizes (NEMA)
  • Step angle 1,8°, bipolar & unipolar
  • High holding torque up to 255 cNm

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Hybrid Stepper Gear Motors

  • Different models combined with planetary gear boxes.
  • Wide range of gear stages and ratios.

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DC Motors

  • Brushed DC motors
  • Stator has permanent magnets
  • Several sizes and configurations

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DC  Gear Motors

  • DC Planetary Gear Motor
  • DC Spur Gear Motor
  • Several sizes and models with speed in a range from 1 to 1500 rpm and torque up to 20Nm

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BLDC Motors

BLDC Brushless Motor
  • Electronically communicated 3-phase brushless DC motors (EC-motor)
  • high acceleration, smooth operation and long life
  • including three hall sensors for rotor positioning control

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Universal Motors

Universal Motors
  • Brushed Single Phase AC Motor.
  • High starting torque.
  • Several sizes for 230V 50Hz.

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Shade Pole Motors

Shade Pole Motors
  • Single Phase asynchronous motors.
  • Low cost design.
  •  Ideal products for pump and fan application.

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