Universal Motors

have a laminated stator and a laminated rotor with commutator system. Starting torque is very high. Speed depends on torque. All these products are made on order. Due to mass production the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces. Please contact us for more detailed technical.


Universal Motors

SeriesRated VoltageNo Load Current [A]No Load Speed [rpm]Rated Torque [mNm]Rated Speed [rpm]Input Power [W]Typical ApplicationRequest
U54152300,35358002521700138Hair dryerAnfrage
U54212300,38230005713400189Coffee makerAnfrage
U88302300,72160035610500603Food processorAnfrage
U88352200,56228003298800512Table blenderAnfrage
U98202400,53242002138700369Food processorAnfrage

Minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces due to mass production and depending on motor size.

 Please contact us for detailed technical information, price and lead time information.