DC Motors

Economic design for volume applications. Slide bearings or ball bearings (depends on size).
Typical life time up to 500 hours, depending on model and operating conditions.
Customized models with gear box, brake and encoder on request.





Part NumberDimensions (mm)Rated Voltage (V)Rated Speed (rpm)Rated Power (W)DatasheetRequest
NF003SG-011Ø 15,5 x 12 x 18,6596020,5pdfAnfrage
NF113LG-011Ø 20,4 x 15,4 x 32,113210008pdfAnfrage
NF213G-023Ø 24,2 x 30,512107564pdfAnfrage
HC213LG-011Ø 24 x 30,5212500020pdfAnfrage
HF283LG-011Ø 24,2 x 18,3 x 36242300025pdfAnfrage
PC280LG-011Ø 24,4 x 30,81270003pdfAnfrage
HC313G-011Ø 27,5 x 32,52456003pdfAnfrage
HC313MG-013Ø 27,5 x 3851981728pdfAnfrage
HC315G-011Ø 27,5 x 32,5411500010pdfAnfrage
HC315MG-011Ø 27,5 x 38391750020pdfAnfrage
HC315MG-012Ø 27,5 x 38241850020pdfAnfrage
HC385G-022Ø 27,5 x 30,51875937pdfAnfrage
HC385XLG-011Ø 27,5 x 46,536950012pdfAnfrage
HC385XLG-013Ø 27,5 x 46,5281700030pdfAnfrage
RS-380SH-3750Ø 29 x 38121396613pdfAnfrage
RS-380SH-3557Ø 29 x 38121836722pdfAnfrage
RS-380SH-12300Ø 29 x 382465404,2pdfAnfrage
RS-380SH-12350Ø 29 x 382460004pdfAnfrage
HC485G-011Ø 29 x 474253808pdfAnfrage
HC685G-020Ø 35,8 x 5024395110pdfAnfrage
HC683LG-011Ø 35,8 x 57121377771pdfAnfrage
HC685LG-020Ø 35,8 x 5724473119pdfAnfrage
RS-545SH-22100Ø 36 x 501233504,4pdfAnfrage
RS-545SH-2485Ø 36 x 501239005pdfAnfrage
RS-545SH-4075Ø 36 x 5012750012pdfAnfrage
RS-545SH-4522Ø 36 x 50122294046pdfAnfrage
RS-545SH-5018Ø 36 x 50122051066pdfAnfrage
RS-545RH-18150Ø 36 x 502445608pdfAnfrage
RS-545SH-22105Ø 36 x 5024564813pdfAnfrage
RS-555SH-2755Ø 36 x 571244009,3pdfAnfrage
RS-555SH-4033Ø 36 x 5712698016pdfAnfrage
RS-555SH-2770Ø 36 x 5724770023pdfAnfrage
RS-555SH-3348Ø 36 x 47241010032pdfAnfrage
HC785LG-020Ø 42,2 x 6618241813pdfAnfrage
HC785LP-012Ø 42,3 x 671818300240pdfAnfrage
RS-775SH-9009Ø 45 x 671218050193pdfAnfrage
RS-775SH-8013Ø 45 x 671218762198pdfAnfrage
RS-775SH-5520Ø 45 x 672418416181pdfAnfrage
DC751(2)XLLG-011Ø 45 x 67,523011500113pdfAnfrage
HC875SG-011Ø 48 x 50,514,417000210pdfAnfrage
HC875SG-012Ø 48 x 50,51817385170pdfAnfrage
HC877P-011Ø 48 x 681819500370pdfAnfrage

High Torque DC Motors

Robust design offers high torque at low speed. All models are with ball bearings. Typical life time is 2000 hours.
Different sizes with diameter between Ø38 to Ø110mm. Output power up to 700 watts.
Customized models with gear box, brake and encoder on request.

Type / Part NumberDimensions (mm)Rated Voltage (V)Rated Speed (rpm)Rated Power (W)DatenblattAnfrage
38ZYT-12V-4000RPMØ 38 x 641230008,5pdfAnfrage
38ZYT-24V-4000RPMØ 38 x 642430008,5pdfAnfrage
50ZYT-12V-4000RPMØ 50 x 8812320050pdfAnfrage
50ZYT-24V-4000RPMØ 50 x 8824320050pdfAnfrage
63ZYTØ 63 x 12012, 24350075, 95pdfAnfrage
82ZYTØ 80 x 121 bis 172242500 - 3000130 - 250pdfAnfrage
90ZYTØ 90 x 140 bis 19524 - 220900 - 3500115 - 440pdfAnfrage
110ZYTØ 110 x 2092203500700pdfAnfrage

Coreless DC Motors

Graphite brushes and noble metal commutator.
High effeciency, low inertia. Tyipical life time approx. 3000 hours.
Available in several sizes with output power up to 140 watts.
Special models with planetary gear box on request.

TypeDimensions (mm)Rated Voltage (V)Rated Speed (rpm)Rated Power (W)DatasheetRequest
DR1641BØ 16 x 4112, 24117005pdfAnfrage
DR2332BØ 23 x 3212, 24100009pdfAnfrage
DR3068BØ 30 x 6812, 24760041, 68pdfAnfrage
DR3571BØ 35 x 7124600066pdfAnfrage
DR4071BØ 40 x 71245300122pdfAnfrage


Rated values are typical data when operated at maximum effeciency.

Please contact us for questions or if you need a customized model.