Shaded Pole Motors

or single-phase AC motors (asynchronous). It´s a salient pole machine, normally only one coil together with short circuit ring in order to create a rotating magnetic field.
The rotor is a short circuit rotor. Ideal for pumps and fan application. Due to mass production the minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces.
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Shaded Pole Motors

SeriesRated VoltageNo Load Current [A]No Load Speed [rpm ]Rated Torque [mNm]Rated Speed [rpm]Input Power [W]Typical ApplicationRequest
SP5812230V0.085A26686,3204614,6Exaust fanAnfrage
SP5820230V0.106A274115,3214221Exaust fanAnfrage
SP61K20230V0.432A282227,5196844,4Can openerAnfrage
SP6309230V0.114A28809,2238412,9Microwave ovenAnfrage

Minimum order quantity is 1000 pieces due to mass production and depending on motor size.

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