Electronic boards or drivers suitable for PM stepper motor, hybrid stepper or BLDC motor.
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Motor Drivers

TypeCharateristicsDimensions_(mm)Suppl_Voltage (VDC)Item_NumberDatasheetRequest
Samotronic 101
constant voltage drive, for unipolar motores, full & half step. Internal clock 50 to 360Hz, external clock up to max. 2kHz, configuration via DIP switches. Phase current max. 350mA.55 x 4010 to 244 636 6608 0pdfAnfrage
Samotronic 102
cconstant current drive (chopper), for bipolar motors, full & half step, internal clock 50 to 1325Hz, external clock up to 2KHz. Configuration via DIP switches. Phase current max. 750mA.84 x 5410 to 244 636 6733 0pdfAnfrage
Evaluation-Kit 2
for bipolar & unipolar motors, Fullstep, halfstep & microstep, constant current & constant voltage, digital / anlagog inputs, signal output, ramp simulation, programmable via PC, metal case incl. Software. Phase current max.2.3A.164 x 130 x 4510 to 484 717 4898 0pdfAnfrage
Brushless Motor Driver
Speed adjustable via potentiometer or analog input, CW / CCW and brake operation. Hall sensor connection. Current max. 15A or 25A (depends on model).80 x 143 x 3424 to 50BLDC-5015A or BLDC-5025ApdfAnfrage
Hybrid Stepper Controller
for bipolar hybrid stepper motors. Motor current, stand still current and microstep configuration via DIP switches. External pulse frequency up to 300kHz. (no internal clock available). Output current up to 4.2A.76 x 112 x 3524 to 50M542pdfAnfrage